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Los Angeles County Pets Need Your Help!

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On Thursday, Marcia Mayeda thought she had it made.  A judge vacated his restraining order and gave her permission to kill JoJo, the two year old German Shepherd mix who bit two juvenile delinquents who had repeatedly tortured the dog by throwing concrete blocks at him.   Killing JoJo would not only let her do what she does best – killing – but it would also allow her to send a middle finger salute to the family who lacked the education, knowledge or means to fight the unbridled power of LA County wielded as though Mayeda is above the law or a duty to the citizens.

On Friday Mayeda’s illusion of triumph was shattered.  A last minute extraordinary writ was filed with the California State Court of Appeal and against all odds, Justice Roger Boren halted Mayeda from executing him until trial or further order from him.

More than five sanctuaries had already stepped up with offers prior to litigation but Mayeda refused to release JoJo.  There was no choice but to litigate.  In the court filing, declarations from those sanctuaries were included stating their willingness to take JoJo – yet  Judge Luis Lavin also disregarded those offers despite the fact that there would be no risk to the public even if JoJo were vicious (which he decidedly is not).

Perhaps more shocking is that Best Friends offered JoJo sanctuary and rehabilitation – as they did for the Michael Vick fighting dogs – Mayeda declined Best Friends offer of sanctuary and rehabilitation.   On Friday, September 6th, via email Mayeda claimed she needed to see what will happen on Monday – no doubt hoping the court of appeal will lift the stay and further devastate JoJo’s family and the rescue community that had embraced this friendly dog who was only trying to defend himself from being tortured.

The definition of a sadist is one who deliberately tortures a living creature.  Mayeda blithely tortures JoJo and his family for over 100 days when a world renowned rehabilitation facility is willing to take him.  Every day JoJo takes up a kennel at the perpetually overcrowded Lancaster facility, between one and 5 dogs who could have been housed in his kennel will be killed for lack of space.  Minimally 70 highly adoptable dogs have already been killed while JoJo has been unjustly confined at Lancaster, and if this case goes to trial in November minimally another 100 dogs will be killed because Marcia Mayeda thinks she is above the law.

What is Mayeda afraid of? Being exposed? She should be, because we all know how much smoke and mirrors it takes for her to fool her bosses into believing she knows what she is doing and that she is running  the Department of Animal ‘Care’ and Control in the best interest of the people and pets who she allegedly serves.

She has gone too far this time and has pushed way too hard in the wrong fight. Her house of cards is beginning to crumble.  Witnesses can now be deposed and the truth exposed.  We will learn that Mayeda doesn’t have a single credible expert to support her claim that JoJo is vicious and we will learn that DACC hearings on potentially dangerous dogs are nothing but kangaroo courts and that the DACC employees assigned as judges know that if they don’t deliver a rubberstamp verdict to Mayeda they will be subjected to Mayeda’s “Freeway Therapy” or other acts of retribution.

As of December 2012, when Mayeda ordered me fired me as a volunteer for publicly disclosing how corrupt she is and how she had been flagrantly abusing both the law of California and the animals under her care, she admitted to having killed 549,430 pets as head of the DACC.   Using that number (and not adding any pets to her scorecard for 2013) if you stacked the carcasses of all her victims you would have a pile of bodies at least 7 times higher than Mt. Everest. If you lined them up head to toe you would have a line of death stretching 130 miles, or the distance from the Mexican border to Los Angeles.

As we wait for trial or intervention by a County official with a conscience, Mayeda will need to justify why on August 31st, the Baldwin Park Shelter had 57 empty dog kennels, and still was ordering the shelter to kill dogs.

There is no justification for killing when you have space.   There is also no justification for Marcia Mayeda.

We cannot stop now – please join me in making a tax deductable donation to JoJo’s legal defense fund so we can win this fight for justice, and please petition your elected officials to remove the sick joke that is Mayeda.

UPDATE 9 September 2013!

This afternoon Los Angeles County counsel Diane Reagan formally replied on behalf of her client Marcia Mayeda to Best Friends’ offer of sanctuary for JoJo. She said, and I quote, “We will discuss it within the next few days and get back to you.” Every day JoJo sits in his Lancaster prison between one and four dogs will die for lack of kennel space.   Mayeda has been presented with a clear solution at hand – but instead choose to wait to see if the stay will be lifted so they can kill JoJo and not just kill him, but cause undue stress to his family who loves him. The DACC has had offers of sanctuary since before litigation commenced. Why do they ignore the sanctuary offer when they claim their only concern is public safety?  Letting JoJo go to rescue is an easy, logical. morally and legally the right decision to make.   Instead, Marcia Mayeda is evidently a direct descendent of Scarlet O’Hara – and has adopted “I’ll think about it tomorrow” as her mantra. It is time for her to be Gone With the Wind!


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