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Moreno Valley Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help!

I am pleased to announce that United Hope For Animals has now expanded our networking program to the Moreno Valley Shelter,  located in Moreno Valley in Riverside County.  This well maintained, but small shelter, is a high intake public shelter filled to capacity with highly adoptable dogs and cats, who urgently need your help.  The shelter’s management has signaled that they would like to do anything possible to improve their adoption and rescue rates, and have graciously provided us with access to photograph and video their pets.

Our Moreno Valley networking team is going to be led by two of our favourite people, Audrey Pusey and Rhonda Baiz, Moreno Valley shelter volunteers who will be working tirelessly at finding adopters and rescues for the shelters pets.  Audrey can be reached via e-mail at alpprincess@yahoo.com.

To see the Moreno Valley Shelter networking list please click here:



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