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Downey & Baldwin Park Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help!

Somehow, despite the rampant mismanagement of Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control Director Marcia Mayeda, the Downey Shelter has become a fairly high adoption center.   Although it still kills pets – nowhere near as many as Baldwin Park, but far more than Carson – Downey has managed to increase its live release rates thanks to its rescue friendly policies and strong networking team.

However, the shelter is still plagued by unfathomable stupidity.   California law requires all pets released from public shelters to be sterilized. Despite Downey’s soaring adoption rate the facility’s medical staff has reduced the number of spay/neuters they will perform each day – and has limited the number of large dogs that they will alter to three per day.   The medical staff claims they have broken cages in their spay/neuter clinic and have no place to put the dogs.

This is ridiculous.

If the clinic’s cages cannot be quickly fixed (and they likely can be) the shelter could use plastic crates like many facilities use to hold their dogs while they are in recovery. Because of the number of transports being done from Downey there are always large crates available for the task at hand.

As a result of the Downey veterinarians’ slowdown on neutering, people adopting pets are sometimes having to wait over two weeks for their pets and these pets are occupying much needed kennel space while they wait.  It is lack of kennel space which leads to euthanasia in high intake shelters.

This same medical team was also recently caught not doing hands on examinations of Downey’s pets because the veterinarian claimed she did not want to get germs on her scrubs. Consequently she was only performing cursory observations and deciding whether pets were ill from peering in from outside of the kennels. Recently Downey’s veterinarians wanted to kill A5001531, Captain Jack Sparrow, a three year old Chihuahua, because they claimed he had kennel cough and hadn’t responded to two courses of antibiotics. They never actually examined the dog with a stethoscope – they merely heard him snorting. The shelter deferred him from neutering and I had to rescue Jack Sparrow or he was going to be killed.   I took him to my veterinarian. We discovered that the dog was entirely healthy – but had the habit of snorting when he was happy and receiving attention!

We have heard of countless number of Downey dogs being labeled as ill just so the veterinary staff did not have to alter them. Some of these dogs were killed and others were adopted. Those who were lucky enough not to be killed were adopted on trust deposits. The adopter had to pay $50 and then could bring the pet back to be altered at a later time.   Many of these adopters and their dogs are never seen again and Mayeda and her cronies have not been tracking these pets – many of whom are procreating on the streets.

A few years back Marcia Mayeda, renamed her facilities which had previously been called “shelters” to “Animal Care Centers”.   Thankfully for Mayeda, we live in a Donald Trump world where lies and fraud are rewarded, as in any decent society she would be sued and prosecuted for the sheer chutzpah of calling her facilities, “care centers”.

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