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Baldwin Park and Downey Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help!

Rewarding those who believe in sanity and fairness in our legal system, justice was recently served in a West Covina courtroom when all charges against former Baldwin Park kennel attendant Erika Valles were dismissed. This finally brought down the curtain on the sad and cruel career of Marcia Mayeda’s prize hire Pat “Google Me” Claerbout who tried to frame Valles, who had begun documenting pets being systematically starved, on Claerbout’s orders, at the poorly run Baldwin Park facility

In dismissing the charges, the presiding judge issued a strong rebuke of Claerbout and Mayeda, stating that the duo had illegally ordered DACC staff to break into Valles’ car and had conspired to sabotage Valles’ career and personal life by filing false charges of animal cruelty against the popular kennel attendant. Neither Mayeda nor Claerbout were in the courtroom, but they might soon be forced to defend themselves in court if Valles pursues legal action against them for not only her lost wages, but for causing Valles to lose her entire life savings and possibly even her home.

Meanwhile at Baldwin Park, the current nightmare of a manager, Sheri “Goldilocks” Koenig has alienated her staff so much that the previously reported sick-in has escalated. On several nights during the last week there was insufficient staff to keep vital shelter operations running, and there was no one to staff the window where pets are surrendered or brought in as strays or injured.

Ironically the Board of Supervisors is coming to inspect the Baldwin Park facility on November 7th. Unfortunately it is not a surprise inspection – and for the last several days shelter staff have been ordered to temporarily clean up the facility lest the Board of Supervisors see how bad things are at Baldwin Park. Employees known to be disgruntled are being scheduled so they do not come into contact with any Board members and volunteers will be discouraged from crossing the Board members’ paths. Marcia Mayeda will leave her office and private $60,000 taxpayer paid dog park in Long Beach and make a rare visit to lead the tour of the facility that she obviously hates, as demonstrated by the hiring of the last two Baldwin shelter managers Claerbout and Koenig; she is banking on everything being swept under the carpet.

The problem for Mayeda and company is that there is so much being swept under the carpet at both Baldwin Park and Mayeda’s headquarters that there might not be enough clearance between the floor and the ceiling for even a midget to walk through Baldwin Park’s doors.

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