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Downey & Baldwin Park Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help

On September 11th a request was made to transport 20 cats from Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control’s Baldwin Park facility to three no kill shelters in Washington. The transport was slated to leave on September 15th, and all Baldwin Park had to do was vaccinate and issue health certificates for the felines.   The request was turned down, because Baldwin Park now requires that all transports give them at least a week’s written prior notice.

Instead on September 12th the Baldwin Park facility killed 47 cats, including several healthy cats who were on the list of pets requested for the transport.

According to the DACC’s website, Marcia Mayeda’s agency has killed over 80 percent of the 1,465 cats impounded at its Baldwin Park facility in the current fiscal year. This means that if you bring a cat to Marcia Mayeda’s Baldwin Park facility he or she has less than a one in five chance of not being killed.

Meanwhile Baldwin Park’s staff are still showing their displeasure with Sheri “Goldilocks” Koenig, the manager installed by Mayeda last year, as they continue to refuse to show up to work. An average of 16 people are claiming disability every day and as a result shelter operations are extremely hampered.   As reported last week the shelter claims that it no longer can do pet introductions and is imploring its volunteers to come and perform that function. The problem is the facility has been hemorrhaging volunteers at an alarming rate since Koenig has made them feel extremely unwelcome. The unpopular manager has alienated so many volunteers that most volunteers will only come in on weekends when they know Koenig won’t be at the shelter. Volunteers are now required to log their hours on a time clock, as if they were paid employees. Many of these volunteers are refusing to clock in because they mistakenly believe that Koenig receives bonuses for the hours that they perform.

Meanwhile DACC employees throughout Los Angeles County are driving to DACC headquarters to visit Marcia Mayeda’s $60,000 taxpayer funded private dog park. I’ve received three e-mailed selfies last week from DACC staff members standing in front of the fence. As one veteran officer said, “I just wanted to be able to take a picture of myself in front of Mayeda’s fucking fence, so my family would know why I didn’t get a raise this year.”

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