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Baldwin Park and Downey Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help

While word was spreading last weekend that Los Angeles County Department of Animal Control Director Marcia Mayeda had made an ethically challenged decision to divert $60,000 of the DACC’s limited budget to build her personal pets their own private dog park alongside DACC headquarters, Mayeda was in Marina Del Ray at a conference of animal control heads from municipalities around the state. Quite a few of these directors are avid readers of this blog, and called this reporter to chortle about the latest scandal the Teflon coated head of the DACC has brought upon herself.

“If I tried something like that they’d haul my ass and put me in jail,” opined one well-respected animal control head. Another large shelter system leader called me the next day and told me, “Look I know you have it in for Mayeda, so I take everything you say with a grain of salt – but out of curiosity I called a friend of mine who is in the know at the DACC. (My friend) confirmed the fence story and told me everyone at the DACC is outraged, they haven’t had significant pay raises in a long time – and then Mayeda goes and pulls this shit. According to my friend this is merely the tip of the iceberg. Mayeda is a disgrace and gives all of us in shelter leadership a bad name.”

However to Mayeda’s credit she has not spent the entire last month diverting funds that were supposed to be used caring for the pets entrusted into her care. She has spent quite a bit of time sending Facebook friend requests to DACC volunteers and rescuers. Mayeda did not have a Dickensian life changing moment and like Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas day realize that she needed to spread her vast love through the world and touch the hearts of her vassals. She has never had use for friends unless she can use them- the way she does with the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. The sinister reason behind Mayeda’s Facebook requests was she wants to spy on what her employees and enemies – (‘enemies’ may be redundant, and if so I apologize) are putting out on social media. Mayeda crony Goldilocks Koenig has already been caught spying on volunteers’ Facebook pages and Mayeda is no different.

Employees who routinely bash the DACC on Social Media platforms are advised to realize that even with privacy setting set to the maximum on their Facebook pages, that there is a back way into seeing your profile through mutual friends. They are also advised to refrain from the temptation of commenting about DACC mismanagement as the great witch hunt is on. DACC hatchet man David Hou’s Prius’s gas tank is always kept full in case Mayeda needs to deploy her prized enforcer to stamp out the growing social media criticism from insiders of both her and her cronies. Employees caught doing so will be reprimanded if not outright fired.

Meanwhile the DACC policy and procedures manual contains lots of examples of conduct which warrant dismissal. Policy HR131 states the following behavior shall warrant discharge of an employee:

Criminal or dishonest conduct while performing duties, or on county premises, or during work hours, or when such conduct is related to the employee’s duties or interests of the Department or County; or management permitting or promoting such conduct

Mayeda’s misuse of the money to build her $60,000 private dog park, lying in front of the Board of Supervisors about her criminally negligent behavior which led to the death of jogger Pamela DeVitt, her claiming she was suffering from vertigo as a justification for leaving work early and then being spotted hours later riding her horse – there are a whole host of reasons to save David Hou the trouble of making long trips to outlying DACC shelters. He could stay at the office and save Los Angeles County taxpayers some gas money to offset his boss’ $60,000 fence and clean up the DACC so much more effectively if he would just sit at his computer and open his large folder containing the hundreds of files with evidence of his boss, Marcia Mayeda’s misconduct.

In other DACC news, the Baldwin Park facility has sent out urgent please to its volunteers asking them to come and perform pet introductions to potential adopters. The volunteers were told that due to staff shortages that employees would no longer be performing this function – and pets would no longer be shown to adopters. Perhaps if Mayeda hadn’t embezzled $60,000 the DACC could have had someone at Baldwin to perform this routine shelter job – but such is life and death in Marcia Mayeda’s little fiefdom. .

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