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Downey Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help

If the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors ever showed the least bit of responsibility and audit its Department of Animal Care and Control and its director Marcia Mayeda, they would fire the DACC head for being a pathological liar.

Mayeda’s latest lie was in response to this reporter disclosure that Baldwin Park shelter staff and volunteers were complaining that the facility had run out of wet cat food for over a month and the supplies were low on wet dog food as well. Nursing mothers, puppies, kittens and seniors were not getting the nourishment they required. Consequently volunteers and staff were forced to buy food with their own money to prevent these pets from deteriorating.

We posted on the Baldwin Park Shelter Facebook page that shelter needed wet food and the public quickly responded with generous donations. Concurrently many members of the public were angered and wrote Mayeda asking why the shelter was out of food and demanding to know who was responsible.

Mayeda avoided taking responsibility by denying that there was any shortage accusing this reported of lying in an e-mail saying “(Ric Browde’s report) is completely untrue.  We have never been out of food for the animals.  While our supplier had some shipping delays, we were never out of food.  Attached are two photos of some of our food stock.”

However if this food was at a DACC warehouse it was not making it to the DACC’s shelter pets. Today Carson Kennel attendant Kat Rosales posted the following on her Facebook page:

“Hi everyone! The animal shelter I work at is in need of wet dog food/cat food donations desperately! We give our puppies, senior pets, nursing moms, and cats wet food so we do go through our supplies rather quickly! If you are able to donate a few cans of friskies or any type of wet dog food, that’d be awesome! If you’re willing to donate a little more, Walmart/Target has 32 cans of Friskies for about $13-$15 and usually Costco has wet dog food for pretty decent prices, too. Shoot me an email to my work email krosales@animalcare.lacounty.gov if you’re able to help! ”

To no one’s surprise – as usual Mayeda was lying. Her shelters are out of wet food and are relying almost entirely on donations to keep her pets alive. The reason is that Mayeda exclusively buys food from the Canidae pet food company – and Canidae is unable to fill the DACC’s orders. Rather than show leadership and buy food from another manufacturer so that the pets entrusted into her care can have the proper nourishment, Mayeda stubbornly refuses and the pets are suffering not only at Baldwin Park, but also the Carson facility.

Starving pets seem to be a theme of Mayeda’s week. Over the last three weeks, the DACC was alerted repeatedly to horses without access to water, being starved to death and in Juniper Hills.   The DACC took two weeks to respond and when they finally responded they found the complaints to be accurate and removed the horses from the property. However three days later they returned them to their owner. One of the horses died a few days later and his carcass was lying on the ground for at least four days creating a health hazard. The DACC still has not responded to new complaints about the horses nor have they explained why they would return suffering animals to their abusers.

Marcia Mayeda is morally bankrupt and unfit to run a department that claims to be in charge of animal care. She needs to be removed from her $238,000 per year job. However she will not have to fear being unemployed long. Due to her skill in lying she should be eminently qualified to  get a job offer from Donald Trump.

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