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Downey and Baldwin Park Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help!



Marcia Mayeda, the head of the Los Angeles Department of Animal ‘Care’ and Control, must have difficulty entering her office.  With everything that she has swept under the carpet the floor must be so elevated that the only way you can enter her office is by lying down – which explains how she and her top deputies have spent the last several years lying on the job in every meaning of the word. 

However all the lying on the job is apparently catching up with her.  After months of Mayeda publicly claiming that the DACC was not in any way culpable in the fatal May 9, 2013 mauling of jogger Pamela DeVitt, the truth of the DACC’s gross dereliction of duty and subsequent cover up as reported on this blog has leaked out.  The DACC has belatedly begun an internal investigation and has been asking Lancaster shelter employees if there is anything the agency could have done differently to have prevented this event from occurring.  However the shelter employees have learned not to trust Mayeda and her deputies and suspect that what the DACC is really looking for is someone to be a sacrificial lamb and scapegoat.  They quite rightly fear that their dereliction of duty in failing to properly respond to previous incidents involving the dogs who killed Ms. Devitt, could lead to involuntary manslaughter charges being filed against them.  How far up the food chain this dereliction of duty goes is the real question – and several Lancaster officers have said it extends to the very top of the DACC.

In other DACC news, the agency continues to pursue its smart but unethical policy of trying to prevent any case that would establish case precedent from ending in an actual judgment.  Following an adverse preliminary ruling in the case of JoJo, S.P.A.R.C. and Travis Bosquez vs the DACC, in which the presiding judge made it clear that the DACC’s position was not going to win and they should release JoJo, the DACC turned the dog over to Best Friends.  However, the DACC and their mouthpiece, County Counsel Diane Reagan, are refusing to release the over $5,000 trial bond that they insisted SPARC post.  Ms. Reagan’s rationale is that the DACC hasn’t lost the case since it never came to judgment, so therefore the bond need not be returned.  This forced another court hearing and the Presiding Judge told the County Council that the DACC’s position was indefensible and any further litigation on this matter is a waste of time and taxpayers money.  Despite this admonition the DACC is persisting in litigating the matter and of course tying up SPARC’s money.  The DACC’s motives are very clear – they will use scorched earth tactics to scare people from opposing their illegal practices, and will divert funds and resources which could otherwise be used to save and take care of the animals entrusted into their care to do so.


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