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  • September 11th – the Latest on JoJo

September 11th – the Latest on JoJo

Often statements and news releases from the Los Angeles County Department of Animal ‘Care’ and Control read like proclamations from the North Korean government.  Glorious Leader Marcia Mayeda announces she takes credit for a success that she had nothing to do with, or one of her underlings clumsily tries to defend one of the agencies actions based on half truths and misinformation.

Today many people who sent in questions and comments concerning JoJo received a letter from DACC spokeswomen Paula Blackwell, which not too deftly avoided telling the true story.  Please find the DACC’s statement on the attached document with the Justice for JoJo team’s response in red below each false or half true statement by clicking here.

The DACC is relying heavily on Dr. Jennifer Kwan, their paid “expert” witness, a veterinarian who has deemed that JoJo needs to be killed.  When a competent attorney is trying to hire an expert witness they look for the most qualified person they can find – and then fork over some money and get them to parrot the company line.  The DACC’s crack lawyer evidently could not find anyone with the least bit of pedigree who would take their money (or should I say “our tax money”) to say JoJo should be pushing up the daisies.  Instead they went out and found Dr. Kwan, one year out of veterinary school and with no dog behavior credentials. We invite you to read the declaration of Dr. Patrick Malese, who eviscerates Kwan by clicking here:

While the DACC leadership tries to manufacture a case based on lies and smoke and mirrors,  JoJo is wasting away in a DACC holding kennel at their Lancaster facility.  Every day he is confined, between one and four dogs die for wont of a kennel space at this high kill facility.  Today is Day 73 of his captivity meaning that as many as 292 dogs have died because of the DACC’s refusal to obey the Hayden Act and release JoJo to a reputable rescue.

The DACC claims it needs time to effect his release to Best Friends.  Really? A lawyer can copy one of their preexisting release commitments in less than ten seconds on a computer.  It can be e-mailed to JoJo’s legal team in less than ten seconds.  It can be read and signed in less than five minutes and returned to the DACC within ten seconds.  A telephone call can be placed to Lancaster in less than five seconds.  Lancaster can usually answer their telephone within five hours – and we hear rumors if you have one of their employee’s cell phone numbers you can reach them even quicker.  We have heard that at least two of Lancaster’s highly trained kennel attendants have mastered the art of putting keys into slots and unlocking kennel doors in less than ten seconds

Why is this taking so long?   Any bureaucracy that cannot do their job effectively and in the interest of the taxpayers is a bureaucracy which needs to be overhauled from the top down.  Marcia Mayeda must be removed from office immediately and JoJo must be released!


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