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Downey Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help

Los Angeles County taxpayers will have every right to be pissed off when one day soon they report an emergency and a first responder is unavailable, or if they go to a county hospital and there is no one to treat them – especially when they discover the reason is that the County will have spent somewhere in the vicinity of half a million dollars futilely appealing the case of Benjamin DeVitt et al vs Los Angeles County Animal “Care” & Control & Marcia Mayeda to the California Supreme Court.   The case hinges over Mayeda’s failure to impound a pack of dogs, who had at least six prior attacks against people on their records, before they killed jogger Pamela DeVitt on March 9th, 2013. To compound Mayeda’s negligence, she then proceeded to obstruct justice by withholding evidence and falsifying records to hide both her and her agency’s wrongdoing.  Einstein’s definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  After losing two rounds in Appellate Court, Mayeda insanely hopes that the higher court will fall for her Trumpesque defense of lies and obfuscations and will dismiss the case before it is tried in front of a jury of twelve honest people.

Because Los Angeles County self-insures we, the taxpayers of Los Angeles County will be deprived of vital services as Mayeda appeals while continuing to collect her $238,000 a year salary plus benefits to continue her reign of error as head of the DACC.

As if her legal shenanigans were not enough to have her dismissed, her mismanagement of her animal control agency should alone merit her being terminated.  Traditionally her animal facilities receive the highest number of impounds in the summer, while during the winter and early spring her kennels operate at only 80 percent of capacity.  Baldwin Park has been down one kennel building for over a year as it is being slowly renovated (the project is over five months behind schedule). Meanwhile the Downey Shelter badly needed a renovation that was estimated would take only four to five months.  Instead of waiting for Baldwin Park to finish its renovations and thereby having 40 extra dog kennels available to transfer pets to, or even choosing a period when there would be fewer pets languishing in her facilities, Mayeda elected to start renovations in May – and as a result Downey has been killing at unprecedented rates  Over 700 cats and 75 dogs were executed by team Mayeda during the month of June – and though the official results have not yet been made available, anecdotal evidence is that the killing was even worse in July.

Also rescuers and transporters working with Downey have noticed lack of quality veterinary care provided at the facility.  We personally observed several dogs suffering from infections from botched spay/neuter surgeries this past weekend.  Meanwhile we saw several dogs who had tumors on their undercarriage that were not picked up by the medical notes.  Many dogs were infested with ticks – and it was questionable as to whether the shelter was applying any of the tick or flea medication that they have on hand.  Having lost 40 kennels, holding as many as 80 dogs, due to the construction the Downey veterinarians should have far more time to devote to treating the shelter’s pets – but instead they have been providing substandard care – if providing any care at all.  The laziness of Downey’s veterinary staff has been complained about often – but when you have an uncaring head of the badly misnomered Department of Animal “Care” and Control” things slide and pets die.  This has never has bothered Mayeda – after all she has cheerfully ordered the deaths of over half a million pets during her stewardship of the agency.

All this leaves us wondering what it takes to get one fired from a position in Los Angeles County’s bureaucracy?  Clearly ineptitude, corruption and criminal behavior aren’t enough to raise the ire of the County Board of Supervisors.  But perhaps one should expect no more from them than one does from the Trump White House.