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Downey Shelter & Baldwin Park Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help

Marcia Mayeda, the morally casual head of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control has recently become quite the prolific reTweeter, taking time off from her job to tweet several times a day and we’ve been enjoying the banalities that she has been sending into the Twittersphere. Judging from her retweets, Mayeda has most likely enrolled, at the taxpayers’ expense of course, in a motivational program called EntreLeadership. Our first instincts was that the DACC führer was up late one night watching television when some Tommy Vu like infomercial came on, and she was seduced into “acting now because the first 10 people responding to the sales pitch would receive a fence, a $60,000 retail value, to put around their office” – but, no, it turns out EntreLeadership is a well-reviewed program.

We’ve particularly enjoyed the following recent Mayeda retweets of EntreLeadership principles:

  • “In the absence of alternative information, people come to their own conclusions.”
  • “What determines whether your company is going to get better or worse, is not who you lost. It’s who you replace.”

Given Mayeda’s penchant for secrecy – such as ordering that all e-mails be deleted from employees’ computers and no further communication be done in writing lest it can be subpoenaed in a legal action when the DACC was caught violating the law – and then add her refusal to hold open town meetings and answer directly questions from either the public or rescue community – we have severe doubts about her ability to control either the message or the conclusions people reach about her agency’s myriad of failed policies.

As for judging whether the DACC is going to get better or worse by who they replace let’s use Mayeda’s Baldwin Park facility as a microcosm of the DACC. There have been a myriad of complaints concerning the misconduct of the facility’s manager, Sheri Koenig. According to our sources internal investigations conducted by the DACC have recommended that Koenig be suspended if not outright removed. Yet Mayeda has blocked any discipline being meted out.

The website reviewed EntreLeadership favorably – and one of their quotes is especially poignant:

The best thing you can do as a leader is to make decisions quickly based on the information you have and be able to explain why you made those decisions. “Leaders” who don’t make decisions tend to lead organizations that fall apart. Leaders who make decisions without basing them on information tend to make horrible decisions. Leaders who make decisions based on information but can’t explain them tend to sow mistrust with their team.

The vast majority of the DACC employees think that Mayeda is a corrupt and autocratic leader who both tolerates and promotes favorites who are either unwilling or unable to competently do their jobs. Until Mayeda adapts the above fundamental principle of EntreLeadership any money that the DACC is spending trying to teach her is a waste of taxpayers’ dough – because as the old adage says, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”