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Baldwin Park and Downey Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help

While word was spreading last weekend that Los Angeles County Department of Animal Control Director Marcia Mayeda had made an ethically challenged decision to divert $60,000 of the DACC’s limited budget to build her personal pets their own private dog park alongside DACC headquarters, Mayeda was in Marina Del Ray at a conference of animal control heads from municipalities around the state. Quite a few of these directors are avid readers of this blog, and called this reporter to chortle about the latest scandal the Teflon coated head of the DACC has brought upon herself.

“If I tried something like that they’d haul my ass and put me in jail,” opined one well-respected animal control head. Another large shelter system leader called me the next day and told me, “Look I know you have it in for Mayeda, so I take everything you say with a grain of salt – but out of curiosity I called a friend of mine who is in the know at the DACC. (My friend) confirmed the fence story and told me everyone at the DACC is outraged, they haven’t had significant pay raises in a long time – and then Mayeda goes and pulls this shit. According to my friend this is merely the tip of the iceberg. Mayeda is a disgrace and gives all of us in shelter leadership a bad name.”

However to Mayeda’s credit she has not spent the entire last month diverting funds that were supposed to be used caring for the pets entrusted into her care. She has spent quite a bit of time sending Facebook friend requests to DACC volunteers and rescuers. Mayeda did not have a Dickensian life changing moment and like Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas day realize that she needed to spread her vast love through the world and touch the hearts of her vassals. She has never had use for friends unless she can use them- the way she does with the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. The sinister reason behind Mayeda’s Facebook requests was she wants to spy on what her employees and enemies – (‘enemies’ may be redundant, and if so I apologize) are putting out on social media. Mayeda crony Goldilocks Koenig has already been caught spying on volunteers’ Facebook pages and Mayeda is no different.

Employees who routinely bash the DACC on Social Media platforms are advised to realize that even with privacy setting set to the maximum on their Facebook pages, that there is a back way into seeing your profile through mutual friends. They are also advised to refrain from the temptation of commenting about DACC mismanagement as the great witch hunt is on. DACC hatchet man David Hou’s Prius’s gas tank is always kept full in case Mayeda needs to deploy her prized enforcer to stamp out the growing social media criticism from insiders of both her and her cronies. Employees caught doing so will be reprimanded if not outright fired.

Meanwhile the DACC policy and procedures manual contains lots of examples of conduct which warrant dismissal. Policy HR131 states the following behavior shall warrant discharge of an employee:

Criminal or dishonest conduct while performing duties, or on county premises, or during work hours, or when such conduct is related to the employee’s duties or interests of the Department or County; or management permitting or promoting such conduct

Mayeda’s misuse of the money to build her $60,000 private dog park, lying in front of the Board of Supervisors about her criminally negligent behavior which led to the death of jogger Pamela DeVitt, her claiming she was suffering from vertigo as a justification for leaving work early and then being spotted hours later riding her horse – there are a whole host of reasons to save David Hou the trouble of making long trips to outlying DACC shelters. He could stay at the office and save Los Angeles County taxpayers some gas money to offset his boss’ $60,000 fence and clean up the DACC so much more effectively if he would just sit at his computer and open his large folder containing the hundreds of files with evidence of his boss, Marcia Mayeda’s misconduct.

In other DACC news, the Baldwin Park facility has sent out urgent please to its volunteers asking them to come and perform pet introductions to potential adopters. The volunteers were told that due to staff shortages that employees would no longer be performing this function – and pets would no longer be shown to adopters. Perhaps if Mayeda hadn’t embezzled $60,000 the DACC could have had someone at Baldwin to perform this routine shelter job – but such is life and death in Marcia Mayeda’s little fiefdom. .

Downey & Baldwin Park Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help!

The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control’s (DACC) Administration Building is located at 5898 Cherry Avenue in Long Beach, adjacent to a parking lot belonging to a McDonalds restaurant. Alongside the south wall of DACC headquarters is a narrow strip of grass where Marcia Mayeda walks her Great Pyrenees dogs who frequently accompany her to work on the rare days that she decides to work a full day at her $238,000 per year job. This strip of grass occasionally was littered upon and used as a sleeping place for homeless people.   Mayeda was distressed that her prized pets did not have a clean place to go to the bathroom – so she ordered that a fence be built to keep the riff raff out.

A chain link fence was not good enough for Mayeda’s dogs.   Instead Mayeda ordered a great big fence that would make Donald Trump proud, made of wrought iron at a cost of sixty thousand dollars – which she charged to Los Angeles County taxpayers.   Pictures of the fence and her dogs at their new taxpayer financed private dog park are featured on Mayeda’s Facebook page – and for those of you who would rather choke to death than send a friend request to Mayeda and thus be identified as a friend of the Great Pet Killer (650,000 and still counting) we have attached a screenshot of the fence below.

Last month both the Baldwin Park and Carson Shelters ran out of both wet dog and cat food for an extended period of time. Senior pets, nursing mothers and young puppies were deprived of the nutrition they needed because Marcia Mayeda, the head of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) refused to purchase needed food. As a result many of these pets got sick and were euthanized because her facilities often prefer to euthanize rather than treat sick pets. The cost of the needed food was far less than $60,000.

We have not been to the new Palmdale Shelter, but the other six Los Angeles County Shelters have poorly equipped veterinary clinics. None of them have blood test machines – and as a result many ill pets are either not treated or euthanized.   The cost of each of these blood machines is less than $10,000.

Since the financial meltdown of 2008 the DACC’s budget has been repeatedly slashed. The shelters have been asked to do more with less funds. They have had been asked to cut every place possible and positions have been axed.   There are not enough kennel attendants and volunteers are often asked to fill in for the understaffed shelters. The starting salary for a kennel attendant is $33,216.   “We could have had nearly two kennel attendants working for a whole year providing care – but instead all we have is a fucking fence,” commented one disgruntled DACC admin employee.

We asked a highly placed DACC official for their take on Mayeda’s fence and the response we received was surprising. “Mayeda runs the second smallest department of Los Angeles County, but wields far greater power than her position should dictate,” the official stated.  When asked how she amassed the power the official replied, “she has a close and personal relationship with Mike Antonovich, behind closed doors – and you can read into it what you want to.”

Mayeda’s being an accessory to the murder of jogger Pamela DeVitt in Littlerock, lying in front of the Board of Supervisors, illegally euthanizing pets, consistently leaving work early, and cheating the taxpayers for some reason does not alarm Los Angeles County’s elected officials.

It should.

But it doesn’t.

Mike Antonovich terms out this year and will be replaced. We hope he takes Marcia Mayeda with him.

mayeda    “Ms. Mayeda tear down this fence!!!” – Ronald Reagan September 16, 2016 from beyond his grave.


Baldwin Park & Downey Shelters Urgently Need Your Help!

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The Baldwin Park “Shelter’ is going through a much needed renovation. The crumbling Building One is finally almost finished and should be reopened imminently. Once that happens, the slow moving construction company will demolish and rebuild the outdated Building Two at the same snail’s pace. Given Baldwin Park’s previous experience with Los Angeles County approved contractors we can only imagine the overbilling and kickbacks that county taxpayers are being ripped off for in connection with this much needed construction project.

One thing which unfortunately is not being reconstructed is employee and volunteer trust in the “Shelter” management. Employees are so tired of Sheri “Goldilocks” Koenig’s incompetent and disrespectful management style that they have been staging a sick out, leaving Baldwin Park severely understaffed. This week sixteen employees, over one third of the facility’s workforce, are on “modified duty’ – meaning that they cannot be required to perform the work they have been hired to do. This has forced the shelter to pay time and a half, and sometimes double time for other employees to work overtime – eating the shelter’s already razor-thin budget.   Koenig has tried to press volunteers into taking up some of the slack – but because of both her and her predecessor, Pat “Google Me” Claerbout’s poor treatment of them coupled with the cessation of new volunteer training there aren’t as many volunteers as there used to be and animal care has suffered dramatically.

Further complicating things at Baldwin Park is the fact that the facility does not attract enough adopters. For the last five years nearly half of the pets exiting Baldwin Park alive are due to transports. The large transporters, the ASPCA and Wings of Rescue, require that pets have health certificates so they can be legally shipped out of state to no-kill shelters. Health certificates require about two minutes work per pet from a veterinarian and another five minutes work from a RVT.   Nearly every shelter salivates at the opportunity to transport pets and makes getting health certificates a top priority. Not so at Baldwin Park. The shelter’s medical staff have decided that it requires too much work and have blocked several transports of cats from the shelter – to the point where some transports are now bypassing Baldwin Park altogether.   Considering that Baldwin Park has euthanized over 80 percent of its cat impounds you can understand how one can easily question the quality of Baldwin Park’s management.

Sheri Koenig is clearly damaged goods as far as her ability as a “shelter’ manager. Marcia Mayeda hired Koenig (and before Koenig – she hired “Google Me” Claerbout). Failing performance in the private sector would get you fired by your bosses. Failing performance in the public sector gets you a raise and a hug from Mike Antonovich and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

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Downey and Baldwin Park Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help!

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          In a public relations move several years ago Los Angeles County changed the name of its Department of Animal Control to the “Department of Animal Care and Control”. Fortunately for Marcia Mayeda, the Director of Los Angeles County Animal Control, truth in advertising laws are seldom enforced – so she will never be prosecuted for the lack of “care” exhibited by this poorly run governmental agency in its pet holding facilities (It is difficult to use the word ‘shelter’ when referring to a place where so many pets are killed). This appalling lack of care is glaringly on display seven days a week at most of Mayeda’s gulags .

This writer is always deservedly picking on the poorly run Baldwin Park facility to serve up examples of the lack of care given to the pets by Marcia Mayeda and company; but this week we must sadly turn our eyes to Downey. Downey has two canine kennel buildings, filled to the brim with quarantined aggressive dogs , nursing moms, Pit Bulls and dogs who have either scars or skin issues that the DACC has deemed to be too disturbing for the public to see. If your dog is lost and if he/she is a Pit Bull, there is a very good chance the pet will be locked away in one of the two buildings. If you should come to look for your stray pet the chances are you will be told to check the facilities three open to the public buildings and will not even be told about the two fenced off buildings – and if you are told, you will more often than not be denied access to seeing the pets secreted there. More often than not pets only leave these buildings to be euthanized – especially since the DACC has elected to put a promote a person with no kennel experience (in fact she appears to have no experience with dogs period) in charge of deciding who shall live or die at Downey. According to the facilities staff and volunteers this new kennel sergeant does not like, and is scared of, bully breed dogs.   If you’re a Pit Bull at Downey you are, as one staff member opined, “Dead dog walking”.

For the past two weeks Cassandra (A4984416) a very sweet emaciated Pit Bull suffering from non-contagious Demodectic mange has been hidden in Downey’s off-limits Building Two. The chances are fairly high that this highly deserving dog won’t get out alive – unless the publicity surrounding this blog calls attention to her existence.

Dogs should not be hidden from the public ever. Neither the North Koreans nor ISIS are particularly interested in anything going on in Marcia Mayeda land. There are no state secrets in an animal gulag which needs to be hidden from either our enemies or our citizens, with the exception of the freezers where the DACC stores the carcasses of the pets they euthanize.

The DACC leadership claims these buildings are off limits to protect the public – fearing that somehow these incarcerated pets would escape their individual cells and attack. If that is their belief, no matter how stupid it is, the DACC could easily cheaply construct a transparent Plexiglass barrier surrounding each building so people could safely see who is being held – and possibly even be reunited with their lost pets.

In the meantime Cassandra lies abandoned in Kennel 201 at the Downey facility. She was first deprived of medical care and abandoned by her family and now she is deprived of care and abandoned by Marcia Mayeda and her minions.

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