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Downey and Baldwin Park Shelter Pets Need Your Help

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One can accuse Marcia Mayeda, the Teflon coated sadist running the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control of many things, but lack of perseverance is not one of them. No matter how stupid, shortsighted, illegal or ethically challenged a decision she and her inept band of DACC misfits make Mayeda will obstinately refuse to budge and act in the morally correct manner.

Such is the case with Larry, a three year old husky who was adopted by the Zavala family from the Downey facility on June 13th during the DACC’s successful “Sleepover at the Shelter” promotion. As previously reported in this blog, Larry quickly endeared himself to his new family and all was well until August 26th, 76 days after his adoption, when the DACC’s Omar Pinto, called the Zavalas to tell them that Mayeda & Company had made a mistake in adopting Larry, because he had allegedly gotten into a fight and in the process killed a Chihuahua. Pinto, who had gained fame for ordering the death of a Castaic cat who he knew rescue was on their way to pick up, demanded that the Zavalas return the dog to Downey so Mayeda’s henchmen could kill him. In exchange Pinto, offered the Zavalas a coupon for a replacement dog. – because evidently according to the DACC ‘s way of thinking all dogs are fungible. When the Spanish speaking Zavalas did not immediately agree, Pinto tried to intimidate them by stating that they would have to appear at a Potentially Dangerous Dog (PDD) inquiry and they would have to bring identification – an overt attempt to try to intimidate them into complying should they not be legal immigrants.

Things seemed to die down after a rescue group intervened on the family’s behalf – but this past week the Zavalas were notified that they were required to attend a PDD hearing to be held on December 22nd. The DACC did not give the Zavalas adequate time to examine any evidence or secure counsel. Several current and former DACC employees have confided that the DACC often manufactures evidence for these hearings because most people involved in them are either poor or non-English Speakers, as well as minimally educated and are often not equipped to challenge the DACC officials. These employees have confirmed that the PDD hearings are merely kangaroo courts, staffed entirely by DACC employees beholden to Marcia Mayeda and the verdicts are preordained. Consequently chances are extremely high that Larry will be ordered to be killed and the DACC never will adequately explain or be held accountable for either knowingly placing a dangerous animal into someone’s home, or how the agency can claim the right to repossess a pet they adopted out – as the DACC includes a release of liability in their adoption agreement and there is no language in the aforementioned agreement allowing them to repossess a pet once he/she has been adopted.

Speaking of killing and discriminating against Spanish speakers, notorious pet killer and Marcia Mayeda hire, Pat “Google Me” Claerbout is still in the DACC’s employ. She has been moved to the Lancaster call center, and is presiding over the construction of another Marcia Mayeda folly, the forthcoming Palmdale Shelter. The DACC is spending millions of dollars to build a facility which has been until now served by their Lancaster facility.  Since Palmdale is a high intake/low adoption area, the DACC will merely be adding another pet concentration camp with a fairly low adoption rate. If the DACC leadership were truly interested in the live release of the pets that came into its custody (which they aren’t), they would be expanding their Agoura facility, one of the few open admission shelters in Southern California that adopts out more pets than it impounds (thanks to transfers from other DACC facilities). With only 48 dog kennels, Agoura has less than one third of the kennel space than the DACC’s Baldwin Park, Lancaster, Carson and Downey facilities.

Finally of note the DACC recently suspended Baldwin Park’s lead cat volunteer, Stephani Broviak, for one month for what they described as “compassion fatigue”. For the last four years Broviak has volunteered 7 days a week for 8 hours a day.  However she ran afoul of Baldwin’s shelter manager, Sherri “Goldilocks” Koenig, when Broviak replied to a post on her own personal Facebook page and confirmed that Baldwin Park had indeed killed most of its cat and rabbit population – leaving the facility with more empty than occupied kennels.   What is particularly galling is that Broviak was due to return on December 2nd, but the DACC refused to reinstate her upon the expiration of her suspension. Confirming the truth is also something that the Marcia Mayeda’s DACC refuses to allow.

Ironically I am writing this from the airport in Guangzhou China, where Google and Facebook are (along with this website!) banned websites.   Perhaps, Marcia Mayeda and her cronies should relocate their offices to here, where the constitutional rights of citizens enjoyed by Americans are not considered to be of any importance.

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Downey & Baldwin Park Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help

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It looked like Marcia Mayeda and her Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) finally did something right when they raided the home of Assistant School Superintendent Pauline Winbush on November 26, 2014. Aided by Los Angeles County deputies they found 19 pit bulls locked in crates in abject filth – covered with feces – all showing signs of being used for dog fighting..  Unfortunately the dogs were in such bad condition that they all had to be euthanized.   Winbush and her accomplice Kevin Williams were arrested and charged with 4 felony counts of dog fighting, 17 felony counts of animal cruelty and one count of felony child endangerment. You might think a good strong pat on the back and a round of kudos would be in order for the much maligned Mayeda, the Teflon coated DACC head, but it would be extremely unwarranted.

The DACC had sent Lancaster Sergeant Rachel Montez-Kemp to the very same address seven years previously. Montez-Kemp had observed a bleeding pit bull with wounds all over his body, and nine pit bulls chained in Winbush’s backyard. Allegedly Winbush claimed to Montez-Kemp that the injured pit bull was suffering from a rare disease and was being treated. Evidently the dog’s disease turned out not to be so rare – he was only allergic to being bitten! Despite the fact that it was bleeding obvious, Ms. Kemp made some cursory notes in Chameleon, the DACC’s computer databse, and handed Winbush a “fix-it” ticket- saying that she would be back to re-inspect the property in another few weeks, and then left – never to return.

There were a few more visits by DACC officers to Winbush’s property in regards to an emaciated horse that was continually escaping the property – and each time the responding officer had the ability to read the previous comments concerning Montez-Kemp’s findings.   However apparently no officer, while they were on the property, followed up by investigating the status of these Pit Bulls’ welfare, or lack thereof.

What makes this horrific animal abuse even more poignant, is that the Lancaster officers sent to investigate the Winbush fighting dogs, are the very same people who in 2013, failed to impound a pack of pit bulls owned by Alex Jackson. These dogs generated multiple complaints for attacking Littlerock residents in separate incidents in January and April of 2013. These unaltered, unlicensed and unmicrochipped dogs were knowingly left at Jackson’s house by the DACC for four months – until they fatally mauled jogger Pamela DeVitt on May 10th.

Marcia Mayeda routinely fails to impound dangerous pets until its too late. Sometimes it is for lack of manpower, more often it is for lack of caring.   In the DeVitt case an eminently likable 62 year old woman died. In Winbush’s case dogs suffered horrific abuse – while evidently a child suffered on the Assistant School Superintendent’s property.

In any other universe, and I would like to think, in any other county, the head of Animal Control would be called on the carpet for the abject failure of both themselves and their employees. Supervisor Mike Antonovich portrays himself as a huge dog lover on his website – and even forces the DACC to waste valuable human resources by having one of their field officers removed from the field to bring the cutest pet at each shelter to BOS meetings. If he really cared about dogs or any other pets, the first thing he would do is remove the scandal plagued Marcia Mayeda from any position having to do with the care of animals.

Instead Antonovich and his four BOS colleagues do their best ostrich imitations and steadfastly refuse to hold their at best ineffective – and in reality morally bankrupt appointee, Marcia Mayeda as head of Animal Control accountable for her abject failure as its leader.

How many more grandmothers will need to die, and how many children’s lives be put at risk before the Board of Supervisors decides that they get rid of their fatally flawed $238,000 employee, Mayeda, and replace her with someone who can perform the job with  skills she lacks, including but not limited to having compassion, dignity and a moral compass to guide them?

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