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Baldwin Park & Downey Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help

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Two weeks ago, readers of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control’s (DACC) website saw an announcement claiming that the Marcia Mayeda led agency was not killing pets for time – only for space. When we went back to the DACC’s website to quote it for this blog the item was no longer there – most likely because it was a blatant lie, as opposed to the merely disingenuous statements usually issued by the agency.

According to several Baldwin Park employees the shelter has been killing an average of fifteen dogs per day despite having numerous empty kennels. The shelter workers have become increasingly disgruntled as the result of the heartless and often inexplicable if not downright asinine decisions made by new Baldwin Park Shelter manager, Sheri Koenig. Koenig has repeatedly stated that the shelter is not a pet warehouse, and implied that slow moving merchandise needs to be removed from inventory. They questioned why despite having a kennel full of dogs needing rescue, Koenig made only 38 dogs available to last week’s 1035 dog Wings of Rescue transport after the shelter had been asked to contribute 50 dogs – which was already far less than the 65 dogs that the rescue friendly Downey shelter contributed to the nationally televised flight. It wasn’t only dogs who suffered the wrath of “Goldilocks” Koenig. Koenig ordered the staff to kill nearly every cat and rabbit in the shelter, causing a great deal of angst amongst staff and volunteers, and a great deal of overtime for the people from the rendering plant who had to dispose of the carcasses that were being “warehoused” in the shelter’s freezers.

Meanwhile several Baldwin Park volunteers have been complaining that Koenig has been stalking them on their private Facebook pages, trying to discipline those who have committed the sin of publicizing or even merely confirming the ongoing carnage at Baldwin Park.

The general fear amongst Baldwin Park’s staff and volunteers is that Koenig is a more attractive, but less intelligent version of disgraced former shelter manager Pat “Google Me” Claerbout. There are similarities between the two. Seventy-five percent of Baldwin Park’s staff had banded together to sign a petition demanding Claerbout’s removal. Reportedly at the time of Koenig’s transfer from the Lancaster shelter, her former shelter’s staff were circulating and signing their own petition demanding her immediate removal from the North County shelter. Supposedly things were so hot for Koenig at Lancaster that Mayeda had no choice but to either fire or reassign her. Given Mayeda’s contempt for the “uppity” Baldwin Park staff and volunteers it makes perfect sense that Mayeda would derive a perverse pleasure in giving the shelter a middle finger salute by depositing Koenig in their midst.

Baldwin can take solace in the fact that Mayeda’s contempt is not solely directed at them. It also extends to the pets she is supposedly trying to shelter. The DACC had previously allowed rescues to telephone their shelters to rescue pets once they had been made available to the general public for one day. In a stunning new policy directive issued to her shelters, rescues are no longer allowed to phone county shelters to rescue pets until after their “due out” date has passed. The “due out” date is the first day a pet is eligible to be killed. Instead of phoning the shelters and arranging to rescue a pet and pick the pet up when he/she is altered, now rescues must make the choice to either making two long trips to a county shelter of first to get a “Commitment to Adopt” (which they previously could have done by telephone) and then again to pick up the pet after he/she has been altered, or they can gamble and hope that a heartless bureaucrat like Mayeda or Sheri Koenig hasn’t decided to kill the pet as some sort of “warehouse inventory liquidation.”


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