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Baldwin Park and Downey Pets Urgently Need Your Help

The social media can be a blessing and a curse, as anyone hiding behind a computer can start a rumor and if it gets enough shares and comments people will believe it to be true.   Last week there was frantic Facebook chatter and resulting e-mails going around claiming that Pat “Google Me” Claerbout, was about to euthanize all the dogs in Building 3 at the Baldwin Park Pet Gulag often inaccurately described as either the Baldwin Park “Shelter” or Baldwin Park Animal “Care” Center.   Although “Google Me” worked diligently to gain fame as the butcher of Stockton and Sacramento, which made the resulting e-mail somewhat believable, this was a false alarm started by people who have never been to Baldwin Park and most likely have never spoken to anyone at the poorly run facility.

It forced me into a surreal position of having to defend “Google Me” Claerbout as I patiently explained to the plethora of hysterical e-mails and phone calls I received that anyone who calls the listed phone number for the Baldwin Park facility is directed to the call center located in the back of the Downey Shelter.   The call center employees do not have access to who is going to be killed on any particular day – they only can see the “due out” date, which is the first day a pet is eligible to be killed. At Baldwin Park and Downey right now more than 50 percent of the pets are past their due out date, but are not being killed. A “due out’ date does not mean that a pet is necessarily going to be killed on that date.

Nearly everyone, except for the chumps at the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors knows that Pat “Google Me” Claerbout is a horrific shelter manager who should never have been hired.   She was most likely given her job by Los Angeles Animal Control boss Marcia Mayeda so that DACC critics would stop focusing on Mayeda’s pitiful leadership and instead transfer our anger to Claerbout.

There is indeed plenty to hate and fear about Claerbout, but before people go on a tangent they need to do some research and check the authority of their sources. Otherwise you end up misinformed, manipulated and hysterical – like watchers of Fox news.


Downey and Baldwin Park Pets Urgently Need Your Help!

According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, the noun ‘care’ is defined as ‘things that are done to keep someone healthy, safe, etc.’ . Several years ago, Marcia Mayeda, the head of Los Angeles County’s Animal Care and Control department (DACC) rebranded her facilities as “Care Centers”. The Bureau of Consumer Protection – a department of the Federal Trade Commission whose task it is to stop unfair, deceptive and fraudulent business practices – should shut Mayeda and company down for outright fraud.

Although they have several wonderful veterinarians and RVT’s on staff, the quality of medical ‘care’ given the poor animals impounded at Mayeda’s facilities is beyond abysmal. Basically the only diagnostic equipment available to County veterinarians is a stethoscope and parvo and heartworm snap tests. If a dog is suffering from a broken bone, there are no x-ray facilities. Los Angeles City, a shelter system which is not known for being progressive by any means, has x-ray facilities and blood analysis machines. The County shelters’ only option is to send these pets to outside veterinarians for treatment where they have authorization to get $75 in medical services. Anyone walking into a veterinary clinic knows $75 won’t get you much. Marcia Mayeda defends this practice by saying shelter managers can authorize up to $300 in treatment, but her managers only work 40 hour weeks, never on nights and weekends, when most injured animals come in. Pets routinely die for lack of properly equipped medical facilities… and we haven’t even gotten into the fact that Mayeda refuses to schedule veterinarians to work in her shelters on weekends! Downey, Baldwin Park, Lancaster and Carson each have two vets on staff, but both veterinarians work Monday – Friday, instead of one working Sunday to Thursday and the other Tuesday through Saturday. If a sick or injured pet comes in on the weekend it suffers and waits for medical care – as RVTs are not allowed to prescribe medication. Often the pet, if she/he has a communicable disease, infects other animals in the shelter.

In other DACC news Castaic staff and volunteers are reporting that the shelter is killing purely for time rather than space, and adoptable, friendly pets are being killed even when there is ample kennel space – a practice mirrored by Pat “Google Me” Claerbout at Baldwin Park. Thankfully Agoura and Downey’s managers have taken a more humane stand and are only authorizing killing pets for temperament, sickness or kennel space.

Los Angeles County’s pets are not receiving proper care in their shelter system. It is an affront to both human dignity and the English language for Marcia Mayeda to use the word ‘care’ in calling her department the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control.

Baldwin Park and Downey Pets Need Your Help!

David Hou, of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control’s Human Resources Department, may be the agency’s hardest working executive.   His job is to investigate department employees’ misdeeds as long as said misdeeds are not perpetrated by his superiors Marcia Mayeda and her chief deputy Derek Brown.  We’ve heard reports that his desk is perpetually lined with yellow sticky notes outlining complaints about various DACC employees.

Last week we imagine there must have been a big yellow sticky note with the name Gayle Miley on it. Several years ago Miley was the Agoura Shelter manager. She was reportedly removed from that post after multiple complaints about her penchant for screaming at her staff in public and for her forcibly blocking an officer from leaving her office.   Miley was subsequently transferred back to DACC headquarters where she was put in charge of the call center. According to call center employees, Miley learned very little from her Agoura experience and continued her tempestuous behavior there.

In April of 2014 Marcia Mayeda, the disastrous head of the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control, appointed Miley acting head of the Baldwin Park Shelter. As Baldwin Park’s acting manager, Miley endeared herself to employees by shutting herself in her office and taking naps at her desk, somehow failing to notice that there was a back window where she could be observed slumped over her desk.  When she woke up she would frequently rage out of control at employees and volunteers – causing them to try to avoid her at all times.

A few months later Mayeda decided to further demoralize Baldwin Park’s staff and volunteers by hiring Pat “Google Me” Claerbout – the poster girl for retrogressive and high kill shelter management – to run the Baldwin Park facility. Miley was given the number two job at Baldwin Park.

This past week visitors to Baldwin Park were treated to another Miley performance as she publicly berated a popular veteran Baldwin Park kennel attendant for trying to halt a dog adoption to a person the attendant reasonably believed to be at best unable to adequately care for the pet, and at worst a potential animal abuser.   Not only did Miley scream at the employee, she also barred her from conducting interviews of potential adopters for dominant breed dogs – interviews this employee has been performing for the last five years.

The DACC mandates that potential adopters of dominant breeds – Pit Bulls, Chow Chows, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, Jindos etc, be interviewed and approved before allowing these pets to be placed.   Today at the Baldwin Park “Shelter” there are 67 Pit Bulls and 3 Rottweilers and many of them have adoption applications. Due to Miley’s new edict, which must have been endorsed by her bosses, “Google Me” Claerbout and Marcia Mayeda, only supervisors can conduct dominant breed interviews. Supervisors are already overworked and do not have much time to conduct these interviews. As a result potential adopters of these dominant breed dogs are waiting – two weeks in some cases – before being called in for adoption interviews. During the delay, these wanted animals sit at Baldwin Park taking up valuable kennel space which should be available for other dogs, who are often killed for lack of kennel space. Meanwhile the would-be adopters often get tired of waiting and go to Craigslist or backyard breeders to get a dog and the adoption falls through.

In a public relations move a few years ago, the DACC changed the name of their facilities from ‘shelters’ to ‘animal care centers”.   Thankfully truth in advertising laws do not apply because we can only imagine how few people would want to adopt from the “Baldwin Park Pet Concentration Camp and Employee Abuse Center”.

We hope David Hou gets back into his car and makes yet another trip to Baldwin Park and removes the management team of Gayle Miley and Pat “Google Me” Claerbout.

Downey & Baldwin Park Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help!

Every week for the last six years I have sent out the latest networking list from the Downey and Baldwin Park branches of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control accompanied by a short update on the mismanagement of the DACC by its feckless leader Marcia Mayeda. Usually there has been some new scandal, act of wanton stupidity, or example of stagnant bureaucratic inertia to report.

This week however has been somewhat different. There hasn’t been a new scandal or wanton act of disregard for a specific pet’s well being to report and we’re grateful for that. However the same issues continue to plague the noxious toxic waste dump that is the DACC’s leadership. There aren’t enough volunteers, or free labor, because management is too lazy and inertia bound to schedule training classes. The shelters are understaffed because Marcia Mayeda insists that too many qualified officers sit on their collective rear ends at the DACC headquarters doing nothing more than answering their glorious leader’s telephones – and there are too many impounds of pets because their leader has not been an effective proponent of spay/neuter legislation in the various communities her department serves.

Mayeda is a civil servant serving at the pleasure of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.  With her abysmal track record, there is only one predictable outcome for this ineffective leader.  The Board of Supervisors will give her a raise, keeping with their tradition of rewarding corruption and incompetency.