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Downey and Baldwin Park Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help

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The Los Angeles County Shelter system has a mission statement posted on its website. According to the DACC, “our mission is achieved through shared County values including professionalism, responsibility, compassion, commitment, integrity, accountability and community partnerships.” If truth in advertising laws were enforced, Marcia Mayeda would be rotting in a jail cell.

Let’s examine it one value at a time:

Professionalism – If Professionalism is the opposite of “Amateurism” and means that you are being paid for your “work” the $209,100 (before benefits) Marcia Mayeda sucks out of the taxpayer’s wallet each year, she is indeed highly professional. If “professionalism” means handling your job to your best possible ability, this bureaucrat fails spectacularly – like the Titanic failed the float test.

Responsibility – Mayeda avoids all responsibility altogether. Mayeda is so paranoid that anyone finds out what she is doing (or often not doing) that she has demanded that no minutes be taken in meetings, so that she can minimize her fingerprints on the arsenal of smoking guns pointing to her culpability and futility. As one DACC insider put it, “Mayeda apparently only makes good decisions, it’s all of us peons who make the bad ones and get thrown under the bus.”

Compassion – Mayeda has killed over 600,000 pets in her reign of error as head of the DACC. She hired Pat “Google Me” Claerbout as Baldwin Park’s manager knowing her disastrous employment record. Mayeda has violated the Hayden Act repeatedly and prevented pets from being rescued by qualified rescues. She has a history of failing to provide medical care to pets in her shelters not just to celebrated cases like the recently euthanized horse Ballo Ballo from Baldwin Park, but to all shelter pets. Mayeda has staunchly refused to have licensed veterinarians on duty on weekends and any pet impounded after two o’clock on a Friday fails to receive quality medical care.

Commitment – Here the argument could be made that Mayeda has lived up to her goal – she has been committed to inertia. She has done nothing to improve the welfare of the animals in her department’s care and if she argues to the contrary – well, ironically, she could finally secure a real commitment – to a mental hospital.

Integrity – The old joke, how can you tell when Marcia Mayeda is lying (When her lips are moving) is applicable. On May 13th, four days after jogger Pamela DeVitt was killed by a pack of pit bulls in Little Rock, Mayeda knowingly lied to the Board of Supervisors when she stated, “We received two reports about (the dogs that killed DeVitt) one in January of this year and one of April this year. We responded to the January report. We did not locate any of the dogs that had been reported.” Then in the very next serntence she says “the owner was cited for violations of animal control ordinances regarding rabies vaccination, licensing, spay and neuter and microchip.” Notice the contradiction, if you are to believe Mayeda’s testimony, she says no dogs were seen, but the owner was cited for having unaltered, unlicensed and unvaccinated non-existent dogs! However to compound Mayeda’s lies – nowhere in the DACC’s records entered in their Chameleon tracking program nor in the testimony of the two officers Daniel Dibene and Cornelius Chisom Jr. is there any mention of citations being issued. Mayeda showed a complete lack of integrity when she boldfaced lied in front of her bosses, the Board of Supervisors. Mayeda has a long history of lying about her actions, inactions, and her vendettas against her staff and volunteers.

Accountability – Rather than fix problems when they are brought up, Mayeda’s tactic is to blame and vilify the bearer of the bad news. When staff members recently brought up Mayeda’s expensive purchase of trailers which required employees driving these trailers to have special driver licenses to operate them – she retaliated against the whistle blower rather than admit she was endangering the safety of not only the pets and employees in her vehicles but the safety of anyone else sharing the road. Mayeda has tried to run the whistleblower out of the DACC and is now wasting the taxpayer’s money trying to defend a lawsuit against her and the department for so doing.

Community Partnerships – The City of El Monte is now considering passing spay/neuter legislation which is monumental considering this city contributes approximately 20 percent of all strays to the Baldwin Park Shelter. Was it Marcia Mayeda who opened the door and called the mayor or city council to put this on their agenda? No. It was a school teacher from El Monte, an avid reader of my blog, and me who managed to get this measure on the city’s agenda. Mayeda is famous for eschewing any contact with the public.   Where are her valued community partnerships?

It amazes me that the Board of Supervisors continues to employ a morally bankrupt bureaucrat who consistently lies to them. It causes one to wonder about their integrity as well.

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Baldwin Park & Downey Pets Urgently Need Your Help!

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Marcia Mayeda must look enviously at North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. Mayeda may have eclipsed Kim in terms of sheer body count, having killed over 600,000 sapient beings in her pet gulags but when the Korean dictator issues disingenuous propaganda proclaiming his righteousness it goes unchallenged in his country. When Mayeda issues a document full of half truths and boldfaced lies on her Los Angeles Animal Care and Control web site, it’s veracity is checked… and proven for all to see that it is just another serving of misinformation that has symbolized her reign of error as Supreme Leader of the DACC

The Mayeda cover up version of what happened to Ballo Ballo, the poor quarter horse was woefully treated at Baldwin Park avoids the naked, unvarnished truth that this horse was severely damaged by the negligent care personally provided by Pat “Google Me” Claerbout. The DACC’s timeline totally ignores the facts that the horse was brought in by their own admission on August 2nd and needed medical care. It was not until August 7th that they brought in a veterinarian, who recommended care that the DACC never provided up until the time that renown horse rescuer, Betsy Bueno expressed interest in saving the horse.   In fact Claerbout personally ordered aghast shelter workers to not give the horse the proper care he needed because she claimed she knew more than they did. She administered the wrong food to the horse, and to compound her errors she placed the horse in a stable where he was kicked and injured by another horse, and where she negligently allowed the horse access to a storage room where he was able to eat alfalfa which damaged his kidneys.

Somehow to no one’s suprise, Supreme Leader Marcia Mayeda’s version of the Ballo Ballo tragedy does not gibe with reality. It’s a matter of credibility. Who do you believe? Marcia Mayeda and Pat “Google Me” Claerbout whose only talents seem to be in self preservation or the facts as presented by Betsy Bueno and verified by Baldwin Park staff members and the outside veterinarian.

Claerbout’s piss poor management of the ‘shelter’s’ animals was not confined to horses. She ordered the shelter’s dogs to receive less food.   Dogs started getting thinner, and the staff feeders at Baldwin Park grew alarmed and started documenting this through a series of photographs.   Claerbout got wind of this and then in a remarkable violation of one particular staff member’s civil rights, retaliated against the kennel attendant who was involved in the photographs. First Claerbout tried to claim that the kennel attendant had given poor treatment to a kitten she was fostering who had panleukopenia – a fatal disease. Claerbout illegally extorted the employee telling her that she would be jailed if she did not resign immediately.   When it was exposed last week that under that same logic then Claerbout herself should be fired, if not jailed for the tragic number of cats under her care who have died of panleukopenia at her shelter, Claerbout changed her tune and charged that the employee had not returned foster kittens to the shelter. As usual with Claerbout, this too was a lie, as the employee had always returned the kittens – as they were taken on transport. Baldwin Park’s cat volunteers and other staff members have confirmed they saw the employee return the kittens, and the transporter has reportedly also said she took the alleged missing kittens to no kill shelters.     The shelter had clearly messed up on its paperwork which is not surprising for Baldwin Park given that they had “misplaced” over 100 pets according to a kennel inventory report I was given three weeks ago. These pets are designated in the Chameleon as “BOFFICE”.

Then to cap off an eventful week for “Google Me” Claerbout , she let it be known that she no longer wanted to cooperate with the transporters who have literally saved thousands of Baldwin Park dogs in the last several years. Already the Heigls and my Wings of Rescue/Shelter Me/Bark Avenue Foundation transports have abandoned Baldwin Park for the rescue friendly Downey Shelter.  At a shelter which historically sent approximately thirty percent of its live releases on transports we can guarantee the carcasses will be piling up in the barrels in the back of the shelter.

For “Google Me” Claerbout this behaviour was entirely predictable. One had only to examine her previous employment history, which saw her discharged from both Sacramento and San Bernadino.

What makes it more appalling and galling is that Mayeda knew full well what she was getting in Claerbout. According to theories floated by several Baldwin insiders Mayeda’s motivation in hiring “Google Me” was to hopefully disillusion me from trying to help Baldwin Park’s pets and stop writing this blog about the goings on at Baldwin Park and other DACC shelters. If Mayeda is that Machiavellian and blackhearted, you will have to add stupid to the long list of non-admirable adjectives used to describe this horrific bureaucrat.

On December 9th people who have had enough of Marcia Mayeda and her henchwoman “Google Me” Claerbout will be holding a protest march at the Board of Supervisors, 500 Temple Street in downtown Los Angeles.  If you want to bring this issue into public focus and have your voice be heard this is your best chance to end Mayeda’s and Claerbout’s reign of error.

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