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Baldwin Park & Downey Shelter Pets Desperately Need Your Help

Many of us have been following the case of JoJo, the two year old German Shepherd mix who Marcia Mayeda, the inept bureaucrat running the Los Angeles County Department of Animal ‘Care’ and Control wanted to execute after he finally bit two juvenile delinquents who were persistently tormenting him by pelting him with chunks of concrete.   Several rescues, including the Best Friends Animal Society, came to JoJo’s defense and offered sanctuary, but Mayeda showed nothing but contempt for the rescue offers and California State Law, when she refused to release JoJo forcing Team JoJo, led by attorney Talitha Wegner to take the matter to court.  To pursue the legal case, Mayeda and her mouthpiece, Diane Reagan, successfully demanded that Team JoJo post a $10,000 bond which would have been forfeited if they lost.    


After being defeated in preliminary court proceedings and faced with mounting media scrutiny and public outcry, Mayeda relented and handed JoJo to Best Friends.  This week we received word from Best Friends that, and we quote  “JoJo is doing great! He has quickly become a staff favorite. He is social and comfortable with everyone he meets and is very smart. JoJo is now living with a shy female dog named Amina.  Amina has bonded with JoJo and he is helping her to build confidence and be more trusting of people.”


So much for JoJo being vicious.  The same cannot be said about Marcia Mayeda, who has refused to release the $10,000 bond back to the Friends of JoJo, prompting another court hearing.  The Appellate Judge hearing the case expressed outrage that the DACC is holding onto the money, and chastised the DACC’s counsel for wasting the taxpayer’s money by forcing them to litigate an indefeasible position, before sending the demurral motion back to a lower court for litigation.


Mayeda contemptuously is still trying to litigate because she knows it costs team JoJo real money – and to her inflicting the maximum amount of pain to deter others from seeking justice is worth wasting our tax money on a losing case.  It doesn’t come out of her personal pocket so she doesn’t care.  This of course comes at a time when she does not have enough money to provide proper care for the pets entrusted into her shelter system’s care or to provide adequate compensation for her employees.


It again forces the question that nearly everyone who deals with the DACC asks every day – why does this venal woman still have a job, and what level of incompetence and failure does one need to exhibit before a derelict “public servant” is fired? 


Baldwin Park and Downey Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help


This was a good weekend for shelter pets as the NKLA coalition staged a well run two day super adoption event at the LaBrea tar pits which led to the adoption and rescue of four hundred pets.  For me as a former volunteer from the Baldwin Park Shelter it was especially gratifying to see Baldwin’s employees and volunteers elect to stay an hour after the event was officially over in order that every one of the 42 dogs and 15 cats that the shelter brought ended up being adopted or rescued.  Watching the trucks head back to the shelter empty was a delightful experience and everyone who participated deserves to be congratulated.

What was disturbing was that the Los Angeles County Department of Animal ‘Care’ and Control proved yet again that its leadership just doesn’t care.  The Carson, Lancaster and Agoura shelters did not attend this event where every single shelter pet brought was adopted or rescued.   The Downey Shelter team came on Saturday and were able to adopt every one of their dogs, and volunteers from the Castaic shelter showed up to adopt out all their pets on Sunday.

Given the fact that Lancaster is famous for being a high kill shelter, and Carson’s euthanasia rate is still unacceptably high, one has to wonder why the DACC’s management failed to recognize the opportunity to alleviate shelter overcrowding by sending shelter personnel and volunteers to a super adoption event where they knew that most, if not all, of their pets would be adopted or rescued.

I think it speaks volumes as to the mindset of the DACC ‘leadership’ when adoption is not a particularly high priority, and is yet one more reason why Marcia Mayeda and her henchmen need to be fired.


Downey & Baldwin Park Shelter Pets Urgently Need Your Help


In a perfect world I would never have walked into any Los Angeles County Animal shelter, because there would be no need for them.   All pets would be loved and all shelters would be no kill.   Unfortunately, that perfect world does not exist in Los Angeles County.  Municipal shelters are needed, and the impounded pets need volunteers and rescuers coming into the shelter to publicize their existence and to help get them adopted and rescued.   In a perfect world the DACC would be well-funded and run by good, kindhearted and caring people, whose mission was to increase adoptions and stem the tide of incoming pets by implementing diversionary programs which would allow people to retain their pets without surrendering them to the shelters – as is done by the well run, open admission, no kill SPARC municipal shelter in Santa Paula California.  Unfortunately that perfect world does not exist in Los Angeles County.   The DACC is underfunded and  barely has enough staff to take care of its pets, and often does not have enough staff to show pets to people wanting to adopt while the people running the Los Angeles County Shelter system are clearly more interested in sweeping their failures under the carpet and protecting their salaries than about saving the lives of shelter pets.

I never intended to start a blog about the DACC’s failures; in fact I would far prefer to publicize the good they do.  The hard working staff at many of the shelters do amazing things with meager resources and even more meager support from the DACC leadership.  But, nearly every day my phone rings and the caller is either a DACC volunteer, employee or a rescue who wants to either complain about some failed policy or about the conduct of DACC employees.  It would be cowardly not to investigate the charges and if there are serious questions of wrongdoing not to act.  I always ask them why they are calling me, rather than take these issues up with the DACC directly.   Always I get the same two answers, “I tried and they didn’t do anything,” and the even more popular, “You can’t trust those people, they can only be publically shamed into doing the right thing.”   When animals are mistreated, when employees are being falsely accused of misconduct, or when the DACC promulgates bad policy, such as the death of the one-time pull, someone needs to speak up for the voiceless and that person has – much to my own dismay – been me. has become a trusted source for information on what is really happening with the DACC.  Much to the chagrin of Marcia Mayeda and her minions, the website has become heavily trafficked and every weekend people tune in to find out the DACC scandal of the week.   The DACC wants to silence my website and over the next week are going to try to remove it from the public eye.  It won’t work, but they are welcome to try.

As a result this could be the last networking list that I send out.  If it is, who will have won?  Will it be the pets?  Will it be the public?  Will it be the best interests of the employees and volunteers… or will it be the interest of Marcia Mayeda, the highly paid bureaucrat who runs the DACC with the same transparency, integrity and public relations acumen that characterizes the North Korean politburo?  My goal is to put the rendering plants who profit on collecting the dead carcasses of pets killed by the DACC out of business.

Attached please find the latest Downey Shelter networking list composed of 52 dogs who desperately need your attention.  Anything you can do to help by adopting, rescuing or networking these fabulous pets is appreciated and urgently needed  .