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Ric Browde Discography

The following are among the albums produced by Ric Browde:

Poison - Look What The Cat Dragged In (Enigma/Capitol) (5 million)
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Up Your Alley (Epic) (platinum)
Faster Pussycat - Faster Pussycat (Elektra) (gold)
Flies on Fire - Flies On Fire (Atco)
Flies On Fire - Outside Looking Inside (Atco)
Armed Venus - Church of the Former Virgins (Capitalist Bloodsuckers of Doom, Ltd)
Dogs D'Amour - Straight (China)
Material Issue - Live in Chicago 2400 Trouble Makers Can't Be Wrong – (Mercury)
Shooting Gallery - Shooting Gallery (Mercury)
No Shame- Good Girls Don't Last (Columbia)
Kill For Thrills - Dynamite From Nightmareland (MCA)
Kill For Thrills- Commercial Suicide (MCA)
Smashed Gladys - Social Intercourse (Elektra)
Victory - Victory (CBS Associated)
Victory - Don't Get Mad... Get Even (Metronome/Polygram)
Ric Browde - While I’m Dead...Feed The Dog (Soundtrack to novel)
Bastet - Give Me Some More Of Sodom & Gomorrah
Ted Nugent Intensities - In 10 Cities (Epic) (gold)
Ted Nugent Scream Dream (Epic) (platinum)
Ted Nugent Double Live Gonzo (Epic) (three million)

Ric Browde has also produced tracks for:

Herman Rarebell - Herman Ze German (Capitol)
Jetboy (MCA)
Rhino Bucket (Moonstone)
Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man Soundtrack (Mercury)
The Decline of Western Civilization Part Two (Capitol)
Mathew MacKenzie - Teddy Boy (4 Tracks)
Jesse Camp & 8th Street Kids - (Hollywood)

Additionally Browde has written or co-written songs recorded by:
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts (Epic) (platinum) three songs
Victory (CBS Associated & Metronome) two entire albums
Armed Venus (Capital Bloodsuckers of Doom, Ltd.) Church of the Former Virgins - entire album
Skew Siskin – (Giant – BMG - CBH) two albums
Jesse Camp & 8th Street Kids - (Hollywood) entire album

Ric Browde has produced and or written music for the folowing movies:
Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man
The Decline of Western Civilization Part Two
The Giraffe (title cut)

Browde is also the author of the novel "While I’m Dead...Feed The Dog" (Harper Collins UK), translated into German under the title "Futtre den Hund, Wahrend ich tot bin (Aufbau-Verlag)


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