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Due to tough zoning laws, Ric Browde spent his early years moving around the United States and Europe. While attending university Browde formed his first rock and roll band, the Amateur Gynecologists. Unfortunately, Browde was not very good – in fact he was downright awful – as both a guitarist and singer, which of course means that he landed himself a record deal.

Thankfully the record company came to its senses and the album was never released and Browde found himself taking odd jobs to make ends meet; teaching English to foreigners (His students can be instantly recognized by their unique pronunciation patterns; for instance, they tend to think the word ‘hello’ is a homonym for “I need to have sex with you right now); writing music for porno movies, and working as a roadie while waiting for his big break in the music industry.

His break did come in the form of Ted Nugent. Somehow Browde managed to fast talk his way into being the assistant and later full-on producer of the popular guitarist, working on seven albums including Double Live Gonzo, Scream Dream, and Intensities.

After leaving Nugent, Browde was producing the debut album W.A.S.P., when the Scorpions brought him to Germany to produce and co-write two albums with the German heavy metal band Victory. He then moved back to the United States and despite having a reputation for being a “garbage producer” had a string of hits, both as a writer and producer for bands including Poison, whose Browde-produced first album, Look What the Cat Dragged In, sold over five million copies, Joan Jett, whose Up Your Alley, sold over two million copies, Faster Pussycat and the Dogs D’Amour. Browde has recorded thirty six albums to date and sold over twenty three million records earning eight platinum and eleven gold records.

Having been involved in the music for a 20 years Browde felt it was time to do something different with his life and wrote the cult favourite novel, While I’m Dead…Feed the Dog. The book was initially published in 2000. Browde sold the book’s movie rights with an option for his soul in 2006, and in August of 2012 filming commenced. Amongst the actors signing on to be in the movie are Selena Gomez in the role of Nina Pennington and Nat Wolff as Ric Thibualt. Other actors rounding out the cast are Mary- Louise Parker, Jason Lee, Elizabeth Shue, Heather Graham and Dermot Mulroney - and the movie is scheduled to be released early in 2013.

Browde has penned the sequel “Son of God…The Sequel” which shall be released just as soon as a certain bastard with a room temperature IQ falls off his wallet and gives Ric a suitcase of cash in non-sequentially numbered small denomination bills...which should happen really soon if the aforesaid certain person ever wants to avoid the publication of a picture of him in a dress having sex with a German Shepherd!

In 2010 Browde came out of retirement to produce and co-write Italian sleeze rock band, Armed Venus's, debut album, "Church of the Former Virgins," featuring the singles "My Life Sucks - But My Girlfriend Doesn't", "Jihad To See Her', as well as the toe tapper "I Don't Know Much About Girls But I Really Want To Suck Your Cock". The album was released in September of 2011.

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